The World Beyond Our Noses

French automobile brand Peugeot  packs a time and patience clout in Europe, with them being the second largest car maker in Europe and schtuff.  The issue it doesn't matter how is only that their world ranking of seventh largest manufacturer does not look like it is to put to improve due to an over-reliance on the European market . Their biggest growth market (China) is where this European giant remains pretty dormant (perhaps i have volcano’s on my mind) with a miniature slice of the market at 3%.

Simply put Peugeot has lost its pizazz only that once was the corner stone of this brand, an expression echoed by the Economist post interview with Jean-Marc-Gales the head curio at Peugeot.  The introduction of the RCZ is acclaimed by Jean-Marc’ “to announce a Hermes Birkin cheap go back to the virtues only that taken out Peugeot great for the reason that 1980s—class-leading running and also the pert styling—but which it carelessly mislaid for much of the past decade.” This marks the point of departure for a one method only that aims, according to Gales, to level the 3% China share to 8% by 2015.  The strategy, an introduction of 14 new models over the next two years.

Enough of only that tho, the RCZ is what caught our eye here…

….at ePoch Marketing, why you ask…..well…

…beacuse hermes kelly bags for sale of its multi-platform launch campaign off-corse.  A campaign only that aims at “keeping [the public] interested and excited, left with street-casted online ads, viral videos, emails, and then left with Hermes Bags 2011 online ads featuring touchable entrants among all entries to win the stunning RCZ.”  - Andy Godall (Peugeot UK, internet retailing manager).

What’s all the excitement about…the “it chooses you campaign”: “If you’re not having two pennies to rub together, but also feel you have a creative mind, than this end up being your chance of winning one Peugeot RCZ sports coupe. To match taking into consideration the UK launch of the new RCZ this month, the ‘It Chooses You Campaign’ launches on Facebook“

and what does one have to do to reap the reward (other than live for the reason that UK)…put on your creative hats and submit an ad left with ad generator.  Submissions are jam packed to an advert galleryand there’s a facebook buff page, not to mention the Twitter page.

It all culminates on the 11 June where the RCZ chooses it’s owner.  Then there’s the 150 not so lucky ones only that even have tickets to The Goodwood Moving Auto Show.

All in all a good [not technically] crowd sourcing campaign.